OUR Policy

Dear all of our valued customers at MOA logistics, our MOA team members wish you
well and hope that you entered the new year on a good note.
As we entered the new year of 2022, we hereby announce our new regulations and policy.
The new policy statements follow:

☷ Packages On Hold:

Our office will hold your package up to 1 month.
This month is from the day of packages’ departure. This is NOT based on the day they arrived to our office.

❐ Bundling deliveries:

MOA logistics offer bundle deliveries upon request. This is mainly to avoid the minimum fee of $35.
Bundling packages should be delivered within a month, due to our policy on hold items. We DO NOT combine the package weights if they have different departure dates.
For example, IF one of your items arrive on 1/1/22 and weighs 1.5kg And The others arrive on 1/7/22 and weigh 1.5kg,
We will count them as 2kg (1/1) + 2kg (1/7) = 4kg NOT 1.5kg (1/1) + 1.5kg (1/7) = 3kg

✉ Policy On Private Messages:

We highly recommend that you use our group chat designated for each individual customer to get answers to your questions faster and accurately. Utilizing our group chat will bring all of our members attention, hence why you will be able to get your answer much quicker.
However, if for any reason that you feel uneasy talking to us via group chat, you may reach an individual employee of your choice but will have to respect their working hours of 8AM-5PM.

✈ Tracking Your Packages (with our team members):

If you wish to get an update on your packages, please provide us your name AND the tracking number you had received from the origin of your shipment.
We will NOT be able to track your packages solely based on your name.

➔ UPS Policy:

To those whom use our UPS service to get your shipments out the city that our delivery team are not able to deliver to:
When we send out an invoice, we include the UPS fee as well as the tracking number (most starts with 1ZR). You will be able to look up the tracking number online. Once UPS drivers pick up the packages and leave out facilities, we will NOT be responsible for any of the damages occurring afterwards.